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Bitcoin Historique

While that currency of less than a decade of existence broke the 1,000 dollars, and the $ 1,100 per bitcoin - this time in serious and not for an actor distorting with false movements the market like was the exchange MtGox - I was in Morocco. On December 12, in a tweet, I had expressed my belief that the end of the year would be marked by a rally although I did not expect something as bulky (fast growing) as this, and in fact, I would have preferred it slower since It seems that the coin assumes its value better in time.

Snorting some French fries, he told Ismael, Osama's brother, my favorite cook, that Bitcoin's important thing is not the instant money you can earn by speculating with him, but the quality of this money. And this, strangely enough, he did in Chefchaouen which is a small village in the middle of the mountains of the Rif mountain range and a person with a degree in sociology and painter, as well as accounting. He told me that he did not know much about the subject, although he was able to understand and retain Blockchain's concept and to understand that several countries were developing "proto-coins" with this copied structure.

He did not do it this time - as in other times - with an intention to make known to Bitcoin, but to explain it, since they already knew him. And what did I explain? Well, I did not use the word cryptography or blockchain once, and I told him what I needed to be able to use it (a simple connection) and the advantages that it would give him besides being a money with the potential to grow over time in value. We talked about what it would be like to apply 21 million coins to pay for all transactions on the black market and what each bitcoin would cost. Or in oil. Or in real estate. Or in the coffee shop. Or in the of ... put and add what the reader wants here. And above all, that their money would be of better quality, since it could not be attachable by any judge or state, maintaining an excellent control of the own economic information to not give clues of what is possessed to meddling haciendas

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